Baltazar Beazleblor, Librarian of Kotor



Age 55
1 Fate pts.

4 Photographic Memory
3 Otherworldly Connection
3 Trusty Apprentice (Djuradji)
3 Game Leg
2 Practical Alchemist (Gear)

4 roman coins
map of fortress
map of st george monastery

Fragula Family donated library to city


a gruff, curmudgeonly & cynical exterior with no patience for formality nor deference to status. if you’re lucky enough to measure up in his eyes & catch his fancy, an irrepressible inner child emerges. the cynical exterior gives way to deep wonder & desire to experience myth, mystery and adventure. there’s no myth he hasn’t read.

Baltazar Beazleblor, Librarian of Kotor

War in the Adriatic shmeck