Mikel Fragula

Dalmatian native, independent logging merchant


| Name | Rank | Description |
| Mother Nature’s Son | 5 | Not easily ruffled |
| Johnny Tightlips | 4 | Never reveals what he’s thinking |
| Magnum P.I. | 4 | Gathers information discreetly |
| A Serious Man | 3 | Reputation as a local heavy |


He knows a lot more than he lets on in heavily-accented Vénetan. Speaks Corzulot, Vénetan, Sandžak, and enough Turkish to trade with the Ottoman merchants.

p. Tall and dark-bearded, but with piercing blue eyes in his weather-worn face. Wears outdoorsy durable clothes of leather etc.


  • Gain power through special knowledge
  • Be independent of any disadvantageous political/financial entanglements

Mikel Fragula

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